From your local butcher

Our own grass fed , dry aged Beef – Wickham Farm, Crookwood, Potterne.

Outdoor reared Pork, West End Farm, Bishops Cannings.

Traditional butchers sausages and Burgers made on the premises.

Homemade Quiche, Pasties, Sausage rolls.

Quality frozen fish.

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    Grass fed Beef mince

    3 x 500g

    Save £2.50


  • dsc_1977-large

    Chuck Steak

    3 x 500g

    Save £2

  • dsc_0046-large

    Minced Lamb

    3 x 500g

    Save £4

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    Mid Week Box

    12 Butchers sausages, 4 English Chicken breasts, 500g minced Beef, 4 x 4 oz Steak burgers, 500g dry cured bacon

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    Fore rib of Beef

    Our own grass fed, dry aged Beef.


    £17.10 p.Kg
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    Dry aged topside

    Topside from our own grass fed cattle, dry aged for 30 days.

    A world away from supermarket Topside

    £14.90 p.Kg
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    Sirloin from our  cattle provides an outstanding roasting joint or cut for prime Sirloin steaks.

    £28.05 p. Kg
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    Cotswold Free Range Chicken

  • dsc_2045-large

    Leg of Pork

    Outdoor reared at West End Farm, Bishops Cannings, provides a good covering of fat, we only used female pigs (Gilts) because the meat is softer and has better flavour.

    £7.90 per kg
  • dsc_2064-large

    Pork Loin roast

    Outdoor reared at West End Farm, Bishops Cannings. The Loin has a good covering of fat making a great  quick roasting joint, or traditional butchers Pork chops,

    £8.20 per kg
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    Black Treacle Bacon

    Whole backs of bacon soaked in black treacle for two weeks for a molasses flavour.

    £13.90 per kg
  • dsc_2055-large

    Rack of Lamb

    French trimmed for a great center piece when presented as a guard of honour.

    £20.90 per kg
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    this weeks cheeses

    Dorset Red

    Oxford Blue

    Greens Cheddar – Glastonbury

    Rosary Goats – Salisbury

    Devon Blue

    Old Winchester

    Rutland Red