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Our own grass fed , dry aged Beef – Wickham Farm, Crookwood, Potterne.

Outdoor reared Pork, West End Farm, Bishops Cannings.

Wiltshire reared Lamb

Traditional butchers sausages and Burgers made on the premises.

Homemade Quiche, Pasties, Sausage rolls.

Quality frozen fish.

Free Range eggs, Somerset butter, West Country cheeses, pasta, condiments.

  • thumbnail_IMG_0701

    8oz Fillet Steak

    £10 each
  • DSC_0410

    2 x 10oz prime Rump Steaks

  • 20200413_194027_0000

    Angus Burgers

    4oz 90p          6oz 1.30

  • dsc_0046-large

    Grass fed Beef mince

    3 x 500g

    £9 p. Kg



  • dsc_1977-large

    Chuck Steak

    3 x 500g

    Save £2

  • dsc_2037-large

    Old English Pork Sausage

    Our best selling sausage made with outdoor bred local pork, well seasoned with Sage and white pepper.

    £8.50 p Kg
  • fa980e50-b672-4ac9-98c7-425c672554b4

    Beef Marrow Bones

    £1 each
  • IMG_20160427_184917 (Large)

    Dry aged topside

    Topside from our own grass fed cattle, dry aged for 30 days.

    A world away from supermarket Topside

    £14.90 p.Kg
  • DSC_0035

    Beef Brisket

    Underrated cut for slow cooking.

    £9.90 p. Kg
  • DSC_0075

    Flat Iron Steak

    Very tender, also called Feather Steak.

    £19.90 p. Kg
  • dsc_2028-large

    Prime Sirloin

    Cut for steaks or as a special occasion roasting joint.

    £28 p. Kg
  • dsc_1754-large

    Fore Rib

    Our grass fed Beef with a good covering of fat.

    £17.90 p. Kg
  • dsc_2064-large

    Outdoor bred Pork Loin

    From West End Farm

    Bishops Cannings

    £8.90 p. Kg
  • dsc_2045-large

    Leg of Pork

    For quick or slow roasting. Good value cut

    £7.65 p. Kg
  • dsc_2057-large

    Pork shoulder

    From outdoor bred pigs

    £7.35 p. Kg
  • _20200503_224548

    Cajun Pork skewers

    Tender outdoor bred Pork in Cajun marinade

    £1.95 each
  • dsc_2055-large

    Rack of lamb

    New season Lamb

    £23.90 p. Kg
  • dsc_1991-large

    Leg of English lamb

    New season Lamb

    £15.25 p. Kg
  • thumbnail_acf0ddd8-b219-4552-ac73-30b42554c967

    Butterflied Leg of Lamb



    £19.90 p. Kg
  • IMG_0425

    Shoulder of lamb

    B/R £17.90 p. Kg

    Bone in £13.25 p. Kg

  • DSC_0096 (1)

    Lamb & Fresh Mint burger 4oz

    £1.50 each
  • dsc_2037-large

    Our sausages

    Gluten free Pork


    Lamb Merguez

    South African Boerewor

    Pork & chorizo

  • dsc_2069-large


    Free Range Chicken £7.25 p. Kg

    Chicken Thighs £5.50p. Kg

    Breast Fillets £10.50 p. Kg

    Guinea fowl £12 each

    Duck legs (pack of 2) £4

    Duck Breast (pack of 2) £10

  • beef chart

    Ox Cheek

    Full of Flavour

    £14.50 p. Kg
  • montage 9

    this weeks cheeses

    Dorset Red,     Oxford Blue

    Greens Cheddar – Glastonbury

    Rosary Goats – Salisbury,    Devon Blue

    Old Winchester,        Stoney Cross

    Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

    Fossway Fleece

    Bath Blue,              Somerset Brie

    Cornish Yarg,          Barkham Blue

    Swiss Gruyere,           Wiltshire Loaf

    Parmasan,          Black Bomber Cheddar

    Maryland Somerset Cheddar

    Tuxford Tebbutt Stilton